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Free Training Webinar Series: Episode 3

Free Training Webinar on:

“The Latest Trends in the US Solar Energy Industry”

Webinar series organised by: Collaborators and speakers include:
Organised by The EEC-ECT & Centro Studi Galileo Webinar Collaborators

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Register to watch the free global lesson presented by Martin E. Herzfeld, IREC Certified Master Trainer™ for PV Installation Professional, as part of the EEC’s online training series.

This exclusive training series is an essential overview of the latest trends in Solar Photovoltaic technology in the US and covers relevant regulations, policies and legislation at both state and federal level.

The lesson will help you understand:

– Predominant technologies (inverter and module) in the US and case studies of their applications
– Environmental factors, such as geography, level of infrastructure (Grid – Utility Interactive) 
– Economic situation (growth, labour, and investment)

To learn more about Solar Photovoltaic technology, click here for information on the EEC’s Solar Photovoltaic online course.


Martin E. Herzfeld, IREC Certified Master Trainer™ for PV Installation Professional, Solar Contractors License #833782, and an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified PV System Installer #17.

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(Above) Sample video from Solar Photovoltaic course.


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