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Free Training Webinar Series: Episode 4

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“Renewable Energy Solutions for domestic buildings: an online lesson”

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Organised by The EEC-ECT & Centro Studi Galileo Webinar Collaborators

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Register for free on the EEC Accredited Centre’s global webinar. Following the historic Paris Agreement at the COP21 climate conference in December, which set out a global action plan to limit global warming to well below 2°C, this webinar will develop your knowledge of the main principles involved in renewable energy solutions for domestic buildings, including the challenges, innovations and future prospects within this area. After this webinar, you will be able to develop project plans and choose renewable energy solutions for domestic buildings.

This webinar includes topics covered in the upcoming Renewable Energy Solutions classroom course, and aims to develop your knowledge of the benefits and applications of the main renewable energy technologies.
The webinar will help you understand:

– how renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings can lower carbon emissions globally
– the current challenges and future prospects of a variety of renewable energy technologies
– recent innovations in renewable energy systems

The free online lesson will be presented by Graeme Heron, a Renewable Energy lecturer and EEC Expert. Graeme also works at npower and was previously the Technical Director at the Red Energy Group, where he keeps at the forefront of new renewable energy technologies within the industry.

This webinar is worth one CDP hour. 

Certificate of Participation awarded.


Paolo Buoni, Director at the European Energy Centre (EEC). Paolo has been in charge of helping the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launch the Green New Deal.

Graeme Heron, a Renewable Energy Lecturer and EEC Expert.


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(Above) Sample video from Solar Photovoltaic course.

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