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Latest Renewable Energy News from the European Energy Centre. Working in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and major universities the EEC is an Independent Professional Body that promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through renewable energy training courses and global conferences.

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EEC Training Courses Show it is Possible to Invest into Climate Change Reduction Now

Climate change reduction figure 2
In looking at the question of financing investing in Climate Change Reduction, we can envisage the Global Carbon Budget [1] in the following simple diagram. ANNUAL GLOBAL CARBON DIOXIDE BUDGET (2006-2015) This diagram showing us an annual rate of emissions and absorption by carbon sinks, and other work by the UNFCCC and other researchers, essentially shows us that as agreed at the Paris Accord (PA) in December 2015, anthropogenic ie man-made emissions must balance carbon sinks which absorb CO2e [2] by 2050 if mankind is to ensure that we do not exceed a 2 °C temperature increase by 2100,…
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The prospects for Energy Efficiency in the UK in light of Brexit

Energy Efficiency in the UK after Brexit
Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective means via which carbon emissions can be reduced and has as important a role to play in helping to avoid the worst aspects of climate change as the switch to renewable energy. In addition to its benefits from a climate perspective there are also great economic dividends to be gained by reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency. The United Kingdom has committed to reducing carbon emissions via the landmark 2008 UK Climate Change Act and as a signatory to the Paris Climate Accord. As well as promoting the use of low carbon technologies for energy generation, the UK government has also promoted energy efficiency via a range of measures. However, there are concerns about the effectiveness and political commitment to such schemes. For example, the target for all new housing in the UK built from 2016 onwards to be zero carbon has been dropped and the Green Deal program has failed to deliver meaningful increases in energy efficiency nationally.
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7 Vital Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects in the Renewable Energy Industry

Course Discussions
The Renewable Energy industry is growing rapidly, and with that comes opportunities for anyone wishing to get ahead in their Renewables career. Whether its s technical role you are looking for, or one that involves renewable energy management, finance or recruitment, these steps will held you succeed. As recommended by EEC Experts, you can follow these 7 simple steps in order to improve your career prospects in the future and put yourself ahead of the curve. 
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EEC Alumnus Spotlight – Ash Penley

ash penley, EEC participant
In this section, we focus on the achievements of those who have attended EEC courses and those who have attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) to establish their careers in the renewable energy industry. This month, the EEC talks to Ash Penley who runs her own Renewable Energy consultancy business - Greendeal America. Ash has taken various EEC distance learning courses, and has now achieved the Renewable Energy Expert Consultant and Low Carbon Expert Consultant Certificates.
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Renewable Energy Management and Finance course to run in London

Training course participant quote
Renewable Energy Management and Finance Course to Run in London Following High-Praise from Attendees in Edinburgh Earlier this Month For more information, or to register your place, please email [email protected] Equipping participants with skills to succeed in the fast-moving arena of finance and management for the Renewables Industry, the European Energy Centre’s (EEC) Renewable Energy Management and Finance Course impressed delegates in Edinburgh earlier this month. With more than 40 years experience in the sector, the EEC works with global authorities, including the United Nations UNEP, and leading universities worldwide to provide professional training courses, with past delegates…
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EEC Alumnus Spotlight – United Nations UNDP, Nar Bahadur Khatiwora

Nar Bahadur Khatiwora - UNDP (GMC Achiever)
The European Energy Centre (EEC) is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended EEC courses and attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. The EEC, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Nar Bahadur Khatiwora, who attended the Renewable Energy Management and Finance course in London, travelling from the United Nations Development Programme in Bhutan.
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EEC Alumnus Publishes New Educational Book

EEC Member publishes educational book
The EEC, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, wishes to congratulate Mr Igbo on the publication of his book. "Harnessing the Sun's Energy" is a guide for students and professionals that utilizes research and facts to explore the application and usage of solar/renewable energy sources that will protect our environment for generations to come.
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Participant Funded by the Transition Training Fund to Study Master in Renewable Energy Award

REM tutorial energy video
The European Energy Centre (EEC) is regularly in contact with participants who are attending EEC courses in order to achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. The EEC, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Ramsay Cargill, who is currently studying the global online Master in Renewable Energy Award, which is an 18-month programme to achieve the highest accolade at the EEC. Ramsay has been able to attend the courses due to Government Funding that he has received, which he is eligible to use on all of the EEC's courses.
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World Bank funds training in Nigeria with the European Energy Centre

World Bank Training Nigeria with EEC Lecturer
The European Energy Centre (EEC) and the European Centre of Technology (ECT) together directed a successful training course funded by the World Bank, attended by representatives from the Transmission Company of Nigeria and its affiliate partners. The course in Lagos focused on the financial side of Renewable Energy, discussing the latest developments and international aspects of Carbon Finance. One of the EEC’s most experienced Experts, Douglas Prentice, delivered the course in Nigeria and engaged with the delegates. The EEC’s university lecturer has a great deal of theoretical knowledge and more than 20 years of practical experience in developing Renewable Energy projects…
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EnergyCPD-EEC Member Spotlight

Solar Water Pumps Afghanistan with EEC Member
The European Energy Centre (EEC) is pleased to focus on the achievements of the Members of the EnergyCPD Professional Membership Programme, who are progressing their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors, through a variety of CPD Approved Activities. The EEC, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Zafaruddin Stanikzai, who is an MEEC Member of EnergyCPD and has attended a number of online training sessions at the EEC. Zafaruddin is currently undertaking important work to Afghanistan in order to provide clean drinking water and electricity to remote communities.
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