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EEC Alumnus Spotlight – Andrea Teruel Diaz

GMC Certificate Achievers & EEC Alumni Spotlight
Andrea Teruel Diaz

In this section, we focus on the achievements of those who have attended EEC courses and those who have attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) to establish their careers in the renewable energy industry. This month, the EEC talks to Andrea Teruel Diez who is a Project Manager with RemedX Remediation Services Inc. Andrea has taken a total of three EEC distance learning courses, and has now achieved the Renewable Energy Expert Certificate.

Andrea Teruel Diaz1. What is your current expertise and how does this relate to the renewable energy field?

I am currently working as a Project Manager in Canada, and I am currently focused on the remediation and reclamation field. We have been using technologies such as Solar Photovoltaic systems to power remediation pump systems. I was looking to contribute more to the renewable and energy efficiency field. Consequently, I decided to sign in for some distance learning courses offered by the Energy European Centre (EEC).

I believe renewable energy is essential for the well-being of our future generation both socially and economically. For instance, during my time working in Alberta, I have witnessed first-hand of the struggle of the oil and gas industry. If we decrease our dependence on non-renewable resources, we can help to create a more stable job market and reduce our impact on the environment.

2. Why did you choose to train with the European Energy Centre to receive the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) and Expert Certificate?

It is difficult to take courses when you have a full time job, and the European Energy Centre gave me the opportunity to take the courses in my own free time, outside a typical classroom timetable. The EEC videos offer the flexibility to enjoy a learning experience from your own home at your own pace.

“The skills from the courses have given me the foundation to continue expanding my knowledge of these areas, and I expect to use them personally and professionally.”

3. What are the skills that you gained with the European Energy Centre, and how have you applied these skills to your career?

I learned how energy efficiency, passive building design and renewable energy systems can aid the deduction of pollution, energy consumption from non-renewable sources and increase financial savings for homeowners as well as private companies. Those skills have given me the foundation to continue expanding my knowledge of these areas, and I expect to use them personally and professionally.

I presented a proposal to the City of Calgary, in which I combined the skills and information that I gained on the Renewable Energy Solutions and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Courses. At the moment, I am writing a project proposal for an international competition, and I have again used some of the knowledge I took from my training with the EEC.

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