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Latest Renewable Energy News from the European Energy Centre. Working in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and major universities the EEC is an Independent Professional Body that promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through renewable energy training courses and global conferences.

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A Free Future for Renewables

Renewable Energy Management and Finance
The future looks bright for renewable energy. Solar and wind farms are growing in size and popularity and, according to a recent study in the Financial Times, could cost almost nothing by 3030. In 2010, using solar power to boil your kettle would have cost you about £0.03,” the analyst writes “By 2020, according to estimates by our research team at UBS, the cost will have fallen to half a penny.” After that, the price will reduce to almost zero. So what does this mean for the solar industry? Well, when previously wind and solar relied on subsidies, this could…
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Solar power and climate change: a silver lining for colder countries?

Wind Power
This year the UK, a country famous for its cool, drizzly climate, had one of its hottest summers of all time. With a temperature of 32C or more recorded for 15 consecutive days, Britain matched countries with far hotter average temperatures, leading to a chaos of melting pavements and hosepipe bans. However, power-outputs from Bristol’s solar park showed an interesting spike. The city’s Avonmouth solar park generated 797,112 kWh between 1 May and 25 July 18, – enough to power 257 homes for a whole year. This was over 120,000 kWh more than the same time period last year, which…
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Celebrate careers at the Green Jobs Forum

Leaders in Energy are hosting their 5th Annual Leaders in Energy Green Jobs Forum. Attendees will discover the career opportunities available to those within the district of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) Region and have a chance to network with like-minded people.
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Blockchain means big change for the Renewable Energy Industry

Wind Power
Blockchain is an innovative technology which is set to change the renewable energy industry. Essentially, blockchain works as a digital ledger which allows people to trade among themselves. In the context of energy, this means that transactions can take place on small scales with energy transferring when needed, and people can buy this energy straight from the provider, cutting out the need for large energy providers. In turn, this means that it will be far easier for the National Grid to buy energy from these smaller providers opening up the energy market to microgrids from solar, wind…
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Tesla, Supercharging the Electric Car Market?

Electric Vehicles, Tesla car
Over a million electric vehicles were produced in 2017, representing a 60 percent growth on the previous year, with further rapid growth expected in the industry. Electric vehicles have a number of benefits over conventional ones such as their greater level of efficiency, over 90 percent compared to around 15 percent for an internal combustion engine, and reducing air pollution. When the cradle to grave inputs required for an electric vehicle are compared to a conventional one they also have a substantially smaller carbon footprint, even if they are run on electricity generated from a largely fossil fuel based electric grid.
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The Road to Mass Market EVs in the USA

Electric Car fix
For more information on the Electric Vehicles course taking place at either The George Washington University in the USA or in locations across the UK, please visit https://www.euenergycentre.org/training/usa-electric-vehicles-course/ or email [email protected]   Over the last few years, the conversation has changed to not “if” but “when” the vehicle electrification revolution will occur. Many of the major automakers have recently announced strategies to focus on plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). Ford, realizing “an inflection point in the major markets toward battery electric vehicles”, created “Team Edison” dedicated on developing all-electric cars and plans to introduce 13 new battery electric…
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Interview with Solar PV Expert

EEC teaching
The Growing Solar Energy Industry: EEC Expert Interview with Professor John Wilson The EEC is proud to work with a great number of leading Experts in the field of Renewable Energy, in order to disseminate the latest technologies and best practice in the sector. This month, the EEC is delighted to discuss current trends in Solar Energy with Expert Lecturer Professor John Wilson.
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The United Nations Environment (UNE) works with EEC Honorary Director, Government Bodies and Local Representatives to introduce Green Training across the Gulf

EEC Honorary director conducts training
In an ongoing global training project, Honorary Director of the European Energy Centre (EEC) Doctor Marco Buoni is working alongside the United Nations Environment (UNE), local and state Governments and environmental agencies to develop and expand a programme for Green Training in the Gulf Region. This month, Dr Buoni met with colleagues from UNE and representatives from Tunisia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar with the aim of creating the first blueprints for official National Certification Schemes for each of these countries. The adoption of such a scheme is intended to promote the uptake of training for the Energy Efficiency sector in the Gulf Region, in line with the commitments of these nations to improve their environmental standards.
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EEC Alumnus Spotlight – the MET Office, Marc David

MET Office Participant REM
The European Energy Centre (EEC) is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended EEC courses and attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. The EEC, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Marc David, who attended the Renewable Energy Management and Finance course in London from the MET Office.
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Policies, politics and Electric Vehicles: where are we up to in the UK?

Electric Vehicles Training Course with EV car
There has undoubtedly been an increasing buzz around Electric Vehicles of late. For those of us within the industry, who have been both anticipating and facilitating the switch for years, this is no surprise and is just one more step forward in an inevitable process. However now, with the Government in the UK announcing the actual ban of sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, the discussion about Electric Vehicles has become more mainstream, and change more definite. With a date now in place (albeit later than some of us would have liked), there is acceptance that Electric Vehicles will be the future. Electric Vehicles manufacturing is on the up, knowledge about Electric Vehicles is increasing amongst the public, and career opportunities in the Sustainable Transport sector are booming.
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