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Latest Renewable Energy News from the European Energy Centre. Working in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and major universities the EEC is an Independent Professional Body that promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through renewable energy training courses and global conferences.

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‘Institute’ status awarded to European Energy Centre (EEC-ECT) by UK Government

EEC European Energy Centre Training Education
The European Energy Centre (EEC-ECT) has been awarded Institute status by the UK Government following the distinguished work in providing accredited Renewable Energy training and research carried out in the UK and internationally. The prestigious Institute status is only awarded to well-established organisations and bodies who deliver education of the highest excellence.
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New Career Opportunities in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Career Job Opportunities Training Short Courses CPD EEC ECT GMC Online Classroom Sustainable Green
The world is preparing for a Green Economic Recovery, with a just transition to a sustainable future for everyone. The EEC reports on the range of new career opportunities that will be open to trained professionals worldwide as steps are taken towards global decarbonisation and climate neutrality. Following the economic challenges of the past months there has been an international call for a Green Economic Recovery that will create a stronger and more environmentally sound financial structure. Around the world, countries are assigning funds to improve energy efficiency and to expand the Renewable Energy sector.
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Studying Renewable Energy from Home: the best thing you can do right now

European Energy Centre EEC ECT Renewable Energy Training Courses Online Courses Virtual Classroom Distance Learning Universities United Nations GMC Stay at home Study Bespoke
Staying at home has become part of everyday life for many Renewable Energy professionals all over the world in the recent months, as a result of preventing the spread of COVID-19. As time goes on, keeping your days interesting and varying can become challenging in a physically isolated environment. Studying accredited Renewable Energy online courses will provide you with a productive way of spending your days and keeping your mind agile, while preparing for your future career advancement.
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Nottingham City Council Receives Expert Renewable Energy training from the EEC

European Energy Centre Renewable Energy Finance Training Bespoke course Midlands Energy Hub Nottingham City Council Renewable Professional Zero Carbon
The European Energy Centre (EEC) was delighted to deliver a bespoke course in Renewable Energy and Finance for Midlands Energy Hub’s Regional Energy Team, alongside colleagues from their Nottingham City Council hosts Energy Services. Nottingham City Council, approached the EEC for customised specialist training to help Nottingham achieve their goal of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2028. The course was taught by two of the EEC’s renowned expert lecturers, who both have many years of experience working as consultants and researchers in Finance and Green Energy. At the end of the course, participants had the opportunity to sit the exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate.
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US Focus: Renowned Renewable Energy course made available online

US EEC Accredited Center Training Renewable Energy Finance Management Online Virtual Classroom Green Courses Professional ECT
The EEC’s acclaimed Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course, now available to study flexibly online from home, is unique in bringing together the latest knowledge in Renewable Energy, Project Management, and Finance with a specific focus on the US industry. Using financial models and applying them to recent case studies, the course equips professionals with essential knowledge in order to make informed decisions in order to formulate and realize successful sustainability plans.
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EEC Alumni Spotlight – The Clinton Foundation, Kyle Coulam

Kyle Coulam Clinton Foundation Renewable Energy Market Trends Finance EEC Accredited Center Training Courses Online Study from home virtual classroom sustainable
The EEC Accredited Center is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended EEC courses and accomplished the internationally recognized Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Green Energy sector. This month, the EEC is delighted to speak with Kyle Coulam, Project Manager at the Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative, to hear about his experience of the live virtual classroom course on Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance. Kyle joined the EEC's global network of course participants from over 150 countries worldwide, including delegates from EarthJustice, Hilton International Hotels, BlackRock, UN Sustainable Development Committee and many more.
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Energy Storage for Net Zero Carbon Councils

European Energy Centre EEC Training Courses Renewable Energy Net Zero Carbon Councils COP26 Climate Emergency GMC Energy Storage UK University of London
Introducing the Decade of Renewable Energy, councils around the UK and worldwide have announced a climate emergency, setting up targets for reducing emissions to zero. Energy Storage is becoming an increasingly important part of councils’ strategies as a way of maintaining consistency in energy supply in an economical and efficient way. While many city councils have set up goals to drastically lower emissions over the next decade, there is still a lot to be done in creating detailed and concrete plans to ensure that these targets are met. Working with top universities and industry experts around the world, the EEC is a leading training provider for individuals and organisations upskilling in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
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Greta Thunberg Awarded with Honorary GMC

European Energy Centre Training Courses Renewable Energy Zero Carbon COP26 Climate Emergency GMC Wind Power Solar Global Community
Following the announcement of the 2020s as the Decade of Renewable Energy, the European Energy Centre has awarded Greta Thunberg with an Honorary GMC in recognition of her outstanding work in Renewable Energy and Environmentalism. Greta has been awarded her Honorary GMC by the European Energy Centre due to her proactive approach in promoting the safeguarding of our environment, as well as the promotion of the use of Renewable Energy. Greta joins recipients from over 150 countries worldwide who have been awarded the GMC as evidence of their expertise in the Renewable Energy industry.
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EEC Alumni Spotlight – The Energy Saving Trust

European Energy Centre Renewable Energy Energy Saving Trust Stewart Muir Professional Training Short Courses Certificate GMC
The European Energy Centre (EEC) is pleased to focus on the accomplishments of those who have attended EEC courses and achieved the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy sector. The EEC sat down with Stewart Muir, Project Manager at The Energy Saving Trust, who attended the Solar Photovoltaic Qualification course at the University of London. Stewart joined the EEC's network of course participants from over 150 countries worldwide, including delegates from IBM, Ford, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the European Investment Bank.
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EEC Announces 2020s as The Decade of Renewable Energy

European Energy Centre SQA EnergyCPD CPD ECT Renewable Energy Training Courses Climate Emergency Solar Wind Power Hydro
The European Energy Centre (EEC) has announced the 2020s as the Decade of Renewable Energy, following the critical shift from fossil fuel and stronger than ever evidence of climate change effects and the ongoing uptake of Renewable Energy Technology to resolve climate change issues. The UN has stated that countries need to cut emissions by 45% by 2030, stop subsidising fossil fuels and stop construction of new coal plants from 2020. Further detailed discussions on this are expected to be held at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2020.
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