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Free Training Webinar Series

Free Training Webinar on:

"The UK's exit from the EU:

Financial Preparation for Companies"

PLUS: International opportunities and challenges

Webinar series organised by:           Collaborators and speakers include:

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Give yourself a head start in the uncertain post-"Brexit" market - this webinar will help you understand the latest developments on the UK's planned exit from the EU and their impact on companies, as well as the potential challenges and opportunities available.

Register for free on the global webinar, presented by Expert Lecturer Dr Permjit Singh. Dr Singh is a Lecturer at City University London and has many years of commercial experience, including heading the corporate treasury department of a mortgage finance company with assets under management of over £2 billion.

This webinar is an introduction to the classroom course: The UK's exit from the EU: Financial Preparation for Companies.

The webinar will:

• Help SMEs prepare financially for the impact and also the opportunities created by Brexit
• Assist large and international companies with their financial strategy following the UK's exit from the EU

This webinar is worth a CPD hour.

Certificate of Participation awarded.


Paolo Buoni, Director at the European Energy Centre (EEC). Paolo has been in charge of helping the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launch the Green New Deal.

Dr Permjit Singh, Lecturer at the City University London. Dr Singh has many years of commercial experience, including heading the corporate treasury department of a mortgage finance company with assets under management of over £2 billion.


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EEC WEBINAR SERIES (upcoming free training):


A market and policy update on energy storage

Cleaning and maintaining solar panels in arid climates

The effect of climate change on renewable energy applications.

Carbon Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

How to obtain funding and grants for green projects.

Please contact us to register your interest in the EEC's future webinars.


(Above) Sample video from Solar Photovoltaic course.

Participants on a wind power training course

Participants on a Wind Power training course receiving their certificates.

Solar Photovoltaic course and certificates

Previous participants on the EEC's Solar Photovoltaic course receiving their
certificates with Professor John Wilson.

Solar Photovoltaic course

Participants on a past renewable energy course.

Register for free on the global webinar presented by Expert Lecturer Dr Quan Li.

Quan’s expertise is in electric, magnetic and electromagnetic design and analysis, superconductor technology, and renewable energy technology. He has contributed his knowledge to a number of academic journals and publications. Quan is a Guest Professor at Tianjin University in China and has also achieved a JSPS Research Fellowship at Kyoto University.

Annual global electricity consumption is estimated at 200 trillion kWh, and continues to grow rapidly. Since there is a finite quantity of fossil fuel remaining, our existing patters of energy supply and usage are obviously unsustainable. How can we survive with limited energy resources?

The webinar will:

• Give an overview of the global energy status, including energy resources and energy technology.

• Introduce and explain the concepts of ‘Energy Network’, along with the state-of-the-art breakthroughs in Energy Conversion and Storage.

• Discus the EU Energy Roadmap 2050, where you will gain an insight into the Global Energy Strategy and which will lead you to explore the future energy solutions.

This webinar is worth a CPD hour.

Certificate of Participation awarded.