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Free Training Webinar Series

Free Training Webinar on:

"The latest developments in Distributed Generation
and Energy Storage"

Webinar series organised by:           Collaborators and speakers include:

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Register for free on the global webinar, presented by Professor Scott Sklar. Professor Sklar is a Lecturer at George Washington University and has many years of experience in the sector, including recently presenting an inspiring TEDx Talk on the future of personal energy use.

This webinar is an introduction to the classroom courses: Distributed Generation and Storage taking place in the USA, and Electrics for Renewables taking place in the UK. These courses are intended to ensure that participants are kept ahead of the game and informed about the latest developments in Distributed Generation and Energy Storage.

The webinar will:

• Help ensure that individuals who are interested in Distributed Generation and Energy Storage are kept up-to-date with this ever-developing topic
• Assist professionals looking to advance in to the Energy and Environment sectors
• Be of use to managers and executives wanting to improve their understanding of energy storage markets and government policy 

This webinar is worth a CPD hour.

Certificate of Participation awarded.


Paolo Buoni, Director at the European Energy Centre (EEC). Paolo has been in charge of helping the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)launch the Green New Deal.

Professor Scott Sklar, Professor at the George Washington University. Professor Sklar has many years of experience in the sector, including recently presenting an inspiring TEDx Talk on the future of personal energy use.



Register for the free training webinar using the form above.

EEC WEBINAR SERIES (upcoming free training):


A market and policy update on energy storage

Cleaning and maintaining solar panels in arid climates

The effect of climate change on renewable energy applications.

Carbon Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

How to obtain funding and grants for green projects.

Please contact us to register your interest in the EEC's future webinars.

(Above) Sample video from Solar Photovoltaic course.

Participants on a wind power training course

Participants on a Wind Power training course receiving their certificates.

Solar Photovoltaic course and certificates

Previous participants on the EEC's Solar Photovoltaic course receiving their
certificates with Professor John Wilson.

Solar Photovoltaic course

Participants on a past renewable energy course.