Advanced Refrigeration Installation and Maintenance

Two-day course

This course is aimed at experienced engineers in installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems


Edinburgh Napier University


Overview of a refrigeration system and refrigerants -practical operation of compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves - Control systems of the major components with regard to the temperature and pressure –modern lubricants and fluids – Detailed information  on new refrigerants – Azeotropic and Zeotropic Blends - detailed analysis of the refrigeration system.

Installation of the refrigerant pipework and methods of connections used – Pressure testing of refrigeration circuits – Practical operations – Evacuation and Dehydration -recovery of Refrigerant from the system in accordance with EN 378 - Methods of charging Refrigerant into systems  - Refrigerant leak detection utilising direct and indirect methods –


Checking pressures and temperatures -the control of Superheat and Subcooling in the cooling circuit – Practical examples with simulation of installation of components and troubleshooting on demonstration equipment.


General summary of the repair of systems - Issues related to the replacement of old with the new refrigerants - Choice of new materials -  Retrofit of systems and the effects on components and materials - Conclusions typical systems faults and diagnostics. Discussion.



Certificate of Participation provided.


Galileo Master Certificate, Internationally recognised: provided to successful candidates of exam (administrative cost for sitting the exam £45 + VAT)


£270 Course (£324 inc VAT) + Certificate of Participation or

£315 Course (£378 inc VAT) + Certificate of Participation + Exam for Galileo Master Certificate

*Spaces are limited, we therefore recommend reserving your space as soon as possible.


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