Heat Pumps

Two-day course

Learn how to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


Technicians and individuals intending to learn how to install, maintain and repair Heat Pump systems and learn about the savings and benefits that can be achieved.

This course is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including engineers, design engineers and architects.


Edinburgh Napier University



Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Fundamentals

The Human Comfort Zone, Applications

Sensible and Latent Heat, Temperature, Pressure

Heat Load Calculations

Site Survey,Transmission Gains & Losses, Solar Gains & Losses

Internal Heat Gains & Losses, Worked Examples

Equipment & System Types

Equipment and applications, Types of Heat Pump System

Refrigeration Cycles

Vapour Compression Cycle, Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

Control and Protection Devices

Refrigerants and the Environment

Types of Refrigerants, Regulations and Legislation

Phase Out and Phase Down, Health & Safety

Installation theory, to cover:

Positioning of the Indoor and Outdoor Heat Exchangers

Pipework Limitations, Pipework Connections, Electrical Connections

Condensate Removal, Pressure Strength and Tightness testing of Systems with OFN in accordance with BSEN 378/2008

Evacuation and Dehydration of Systems, Introducing Refrigerant into the Systems

Commissioning Of Systems, Jointing, bending, expansion, flaring and Brazing of the pipework

Use of Inert Gas in installation of Heat Pump Systems

Leak testing of the Heat Pump with an Electronic leak Detector, in accordance with Regulations

Recovery of Refrigerant from the System (Simulating a problem/fault)

Repair of the System, Re-Pressure Testing, Evacuation and Charging to get the Heat Pump back in operation

Safe Removal of Service Equipment from the System with minimal loss of Refrigerant to the Environment

Certificate of Participation provided.




Heat Pump Course



Galileo Master Certificate, Internationally recognised: provided to successful candidates of exam (administrative cost for sitting the exam £45 + VAT)


£270 (£324 inc VAT) Course + Certificate of Participation or

£315 (£378 inc VAT) Course + Certificate of Participation + Exam for Galileo Master Certificate

*Spaces are limited, we therefore recommend reserving your space as soon as possible.


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Galileo Master Certificate



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