Galileo Master Certificate


The Internationally Recognised

Galileo Master Certificate (GMC)

for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to successful participants of professional training courses allowing them to work in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

The exam leading to the GMC is held at major universities across Europe, it is also available globally through interactive and innovative Distance Learning platforms using ground-breaking teaching methods.

The GMC can be achieved by participating in the approved Professional Short Courses run by high-standard institutions.

Galileo Master Certificate


Based on the European-funded Project EMTEU:




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Important information about the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC):

Has been awarded for nearly 40 years globally
the need for professionals to gain the renewable energy certificate began when the oil crises of the 1970s hit businesses and communities worldwide

Awarded to about 5000 professionals every year who pass the GMC exams
in over 300 training courses across Europe, in collaboration with 21 leading universities

Has been awarded to professionals working for Siemens, Energy Saving Trust, British Gas, Nokia,
Nestlé, Coca Cola, Solar Power Scotland, British Army, United Nations Development Programme, NATO, Ministry of Defence; professionals, government officials and students worldwide

Many authorities recognise the GMC as the gateway to work in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Qualifies people for the Expert Certificate (Galileo Project)


Many employers regard GMC as important evidence of the personal skills and knowledge of the workforce.


Allows people to work in the renewable energy sector

Why choose the European Energy Centre (EEC) to sit the course and exam

to achieve Galileo Master Certificate (GMC)?

The EEC is one of the leading providers of the GMC. The EEC also works with UNITED NATIONS (UNEP) and major universities for the dissemination of knowledge and expertise, including:

Imperial College London, Edinburgh Napier University, Coventry University, Nottingham University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Heriot-Watt University, University Politecnico di Milano, University Politecnico di Torino, University of Padua, University La Sapienza of Rome and many more.

The GMC has grown to become an authoritative award in renewable energy and a clear step towards a career in the renewable energy or energy efficiency sector. The GMC also qualifies participants for expert certificates provided by the Galileo Project.

Information on the renewable energy courses and exams we offer which lead to the Galileo Master Certificate can be found here.


14th European Conference by the EECClients

The European Energy Centre has been awarding the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) to successful participants for nearly 40 years. During that the time the Galileo Master Certificate has developed a strong reputation as a leading qualification within the renewable energy sector

Participants who obtained the Galileo Master Certificate include personnel and representatives of major international organisations including Siemens, Energy Saving Trust, British Gas, Nokia, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Solar Power Scotland, British Army, United Nations Development Programme, NATO, Ministry of Defence and many more.

A full list of the clients awarded the Galileo Master Certificate can be viewed here


Teaching and the ExamSolar PV test

The courses are based upon the leading European-funded Project EMTEU: Energy Management Technician in Europe. The European Project EMTEU, which we have completed with our European partners, aims to provide the required knowledge and training to allow professionals and technicians to become quality experts, working in the renewable energy field.

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded upon completion of the GMC exam, taken following one of a wide selection of renewable energy and energy efficiency training courses.


12th European Conference


Committee of Quality Assessors

The Galileo Master Certificate exam papers are compiled and marked by authorities and quality assessors such as university professors and experts with up to 40 years of theoretical and practical experience; and independently audited before the Certificate is awarded.

The exams, and the courses leading to the exams, are rigorously and continuously assessed by the EMTEU committee of the EEC to ensure that they meet a consistent standard of knowledge expected within the industry.




Galileo Master Certificates handed out at the end of a Training Course

Award Ceremony

Participants can opt to have the Certificate presented during a ceremony at one of the European conferences run by the United Nations (UNEP) and European Energy Centre (EEC) which bring together leading universities, worldwide institutions and associations.


Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) presented at the European Conferences


Wind TurbinesGalileo Master Certificate




Wind Power

Solar Photovoltaic Training











European Conferece

13th European Conference



























The European Energy Centre through its technical expert Marco Buoni, participated, as representative of the ATF association, to the EMTEU European Project, Energy Management Technician in Europe. The training on Renewable Energy offered by the European Energy Centre is designed on the EMTEU project and aims to create highly skilled and quality Energy technicians in Europe, please see below the beneficiaries and the objectives.

The protection of the environment, global heating, energy saving and the use of alternative energies are issues that worry both our country and Europe. One of the European Union’s priorities is the application of guidelines and legislation geared towards using all resources to reduce energy spending and to improve the application of renewable energies. The objectives addressed by the project are to provide qualified technicians in the management of energy, their training and the certification of efficient installations.

EEC participated through the ATF Association to the European Project Leonardo da Vinci  ES/06/B/F/PP-149465. On the background the photovoltaic panel in Barcelona, one of the largest photovoltaic panel in the world (the photovoltaic plant is 4000 square metres and produces 400Kw of electric power for more than 100 households).



Companies: taking advantage of expert technicians in the sector.

Professionals: update their knowledge in renewable energies, assessing and all the technologies involved into account.

Educational administrations: didactic material that will make it possible to promote and update educational systems in start-off training and retraining.

Social partners: access training that permits the application of this technology.

Society: get people involved in the protection of the environment and sustainability.

Training centres: implementation of sector training programmes.


To design European training for skilled technicians in:

The development of energy-saving plans.

The management of the efficient use of energy and water.

Collaboration in the process of energy certification of buildings.

The promotion of renewable energy facilities.

The optimisation of human resources, complying with the applicable regulations and safety conditions.

EMTEU at Lisbon:  Leonardo da Vinci,

EMTEU Meeting in Friburg to define the profile and knowledge of the European Energy technician