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Become a Member and Advertise to 69,000 professionals in the sector

...- Promote products & services through: mailshots (41,000 recipients) media posts (25,000 followers)

.........member bulletins (3,000 professional members)

...- Your logo & link on the EEC's high-ranking website

...- Regular spotlights on the EEC's homepage

Display the Approved EEC Member Logo on all your marketing materials

...- Increase brand value by showing commitment to best practice

Gain VIP access to training courses and seminars

...- 50% discount on all EEC training courses

...- Present at United Nations (UNEP) - EEC conferences

...- Webinar presentations about your products & expertise

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Member Organisations of the EEC showcase their commitment to adopting best practice in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industry.

Membership includes affiliation to an international body with almost 40 years of experience delivering excellence in Renewable Energy through a strong network of relationships with major global authorities and researchers in the field.

Join the EEC’s Network of Partners

Become part of the EEC's international network of partners, which includes the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), intergovernmental organisations such as the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), European Associations, major universities and thousands of individual professional members.

The Organisation Membership Programme is open to private companies, charities, and governmental organisations which operate within the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industry.



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Exclusive Benefits for Member Organisations

Promote your Products and Services for free
Through our channels to a UK, European and Global Audience, 41,000 contacts and more than 28,000 professional individuals.

Display the EEC membership logo to your clients
Upon joining the Network, we will send you the EEC Approved Member Logo which you can display on all of your marketing material.

Free training course to develop the knowledge within your organisation
You have one free reserved space on an online Training course and benefit from a 50% discount on courses for all of your employees.

Target more clients through our Publications
We publish and circulate your articles and press releases to our national and international networks of Professionals and businesses - more than 69,000 contacts.

Present at international Conferences, courses and webinars
You will receive privileged access to present at global events, conferences and courses.

VIP access to exhibit at Conferences and Seminars
You will get special entrance and access to exhibit at our global events, conferences and courses.

Participate in Industry Consultations for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors
We present your proposals to politicians on your behalf and benefit your position in the industry.

Be listed on the EEC’s official Partner Directory
Your logo and a link to your website published on

Boost the CPD of your workforce
Automatic free Affiliate Membership (AEEC) for all employees in the EnergyCPD Programme, with the opportunity to achieve Mastership Status.

Publication of your articles on a high profile website
Features can be published on the EEC’s technical online journal which started as a paper publication with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).



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Partners of the European Conference


Partners of the EnergyCPD and the European Energy Centre (EEC) include:

Centro Studi Galileo, United Nations UNEP, Terre Policy Centre, Edinburgh Napier University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Heriot-Watt University, IIR - International Institute of Refrigeration,EMTEU Energy Management Technician in Europe, ATF - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association